From the recording The Perfect Son

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Nam, myoho, renge, kyo

Did you know that deep inside you
There lives God
But you must release him
To the universe
Unlock and unleash him
And let him disperse
To the universe

If you want love
Ask, and you will love
If you want peace
Ask and there shall be peace
And if you want beauty
Then you shall be beautiful
And if you want freedom
For any reason
Then you shall be free

Repetition of sound is the key
Repetition of words in the chant lets energy free
And the bell and the scroll
If you focus your soul
Will deliver to you all the wonders you're due
From the universe, from the universe

If you see what you want, then you should take it
If you want some success then visualize how you;; take it
The world is your oyster and god is your pearl
He is your catalog and he's selling the world

Nam, myoho, renge, kyo

If you ask for health,you;’ll never be sick
And if you ask for wealth, you'll always be rich
If you want pleasure, you will find happiness
And if you want wisdom to understand everyone
Then you shall be wise