From the recording Songs of My People

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(words and music by David E Johnston)

She’s not preparing dinner, the oven isn’t even on
She’s closed up all the curtains and the dustings all been done
The vacuum cleaner sits in the middle of the den
She’s taken all our laundry and washed it all again
What’s Mommy getting up to?
Is she locked inside her room?
Have you heard the sounds of whispers coming underneath her door
Or was that just Billy Graham on the radio at 4?
The garden looks a little overgrown
And now that I look closely there’s cobwebs on the phone
My dinner had some hair I had to pull out of my mouth
The card that I had left her still is sitting out
What’s Mommy getting up to behind Venetian blinds?
Is that the sound of laughter or maybe she is crying
Do you think she has some secrets, some things she won’t confide?
Do you think that she still loves us?
It’s getting cold outside
There’s knocking at the front door
And the mail is piling high
Mr. Johnson said he saw her in her robe and she just smiled
What’s Mommy getting up to?
What’s Mommy getting up to?
What’s Mommy gonna do?
Do know if she’s been sleeping well?
Do you know what she’s been playing on the stereo?
Do you know who she’s been speaking to?
Do you know if she’s still buying Avon and still reading Cosmo?
Does she set her hair? Does she have a shower? Do you think she
even cares?
Does she take the time to let her tea bag even brew
Every afternoon watching Donahue
What’s Mommy getting up to?
What’s Mommy gonna do? What’s Mommy gonna do?
I only wish we knew