1. Long Way Home

From the recording Songs of My People

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(words and music by David E Johnston)

Target practice
opal glass
Drinkin’ up the milkweed
on the neighbours grass
Swimming holes, cut off jeans
bugs on the wagon wheel
Racing bikes, rusty swings
the way the sun can feel
Will I ever ever get me back?
Do I wanna see what I’ve become?
Do I wanna see the things I left?
To the places I come from?
It’s a long way home
And the porch swing swings
and the rocking chair
and the honeysuckle vines that grow
And the fireflies
and the washing lines
kicking cans on the dirt road home
And the floorboards creak
and the wishin’ well
and the weepin’ willow trees hang low
And the thunderstorms
and the smell of summer lawns
kicking cans on the dirt road home
Time for supper
Family time
Time unconscious
So sublime
Shadows now, 6 feet long
The dark not what it seems
Why am I, the favorite son
Trapped inside a dream?